In the past 40 years, it has become apparent to many medical professionals that exercise has a legitimate role in prevention, treatment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of various diseases.                

You may ask: What are the benefits of a formal elderly exercise program?
Key studies suggest:
Participation in a regular exercise program is an effective intervention to reduce and prevent a number of functional declines associated with aging.
Older individuals adapt and respond to both endurance and strength training.
Endurance training by older individuals maintains and improves cardiovascular function, improves disease risk factors and contributes to an increase in life expectancy.
Strength training helps offset the loss in muscle mass and strength typically associated with normal aging and increases levels of spontaneous physical activity.
Regular exercise training also improves bone health, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
Postural stability is improved with regular exercise, reducing the risk for falls and related injuries and fractures. 
Exercise training provides psychological benefits, including preserved cognitive function, alleviation of depression, and improved self-efficacy.
In general, regular physical activity contributes to a healthy, independent lifestyle and improves functional capacity and quality of life in older individuals.
The addition of Bailey Fitness exercise program has a dramatic and positive effect on the physical and mental well-being of participating seniors.  Not only does my program have great physical ramifications but also social. The program becomes another internal support as class members and instructors form new friendships.  The results are real.

Program Design
Bailey Fitness exercise program consists of three main components: cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and flexibility. Time period of sessions are approximately 1 hour which will consist of a 5-10 minute warm-up/stretch, 20 minute strength training, 15-20 endurance training and 10-15 cool-down period. Various modes of strength training are applied: small free weights, resistance bands, and primarily body weight. Balance exercises are also used to improve agility and decrease the likelihood of falls.
Program is conducted 3-5 days per week. An initial pre-screening assessment is conducted on each patron before participation is allowed. This not only decreases the possibility of exercise induced injury but also help to establish some baseline measurements. 
In some instances video exercise programs will be used as a mode of exercise. For example Scott Cole’s Chair:
 Scott Cole's Chair Strength & Stretch tones and sculpts the hips, buns and thighs while working the core and back muscles through chair stability training. Post-toning, instructor leads you through a complete full-body stretch of all major muscle groups, guaranteed to help you improve posture, increase flexibility and reduce stress. This program is great for all shapes, sizes and levels of exercisers, including beginners and mature adults.     

Both parties shall come to a consensus based on a written and agreed contract. 

Call to schedule a free group exercise session for your assisted living community or senior group!  404-909-6872 Bradford Bailey